My wife Louise & I are divers and have advanced certifications. I was so amazed while doing my first dives I knew I wanted to capture it on film so I bought myself a cheap UW camera outfit. After one trip I knew I needed something more. I progressed up to a Nikon N90s with an Aquatica UW housing and was getting the images I wanted finally after a few years of diving and practice. It's not easy to take a trip once or twice a year and expect to get the images you want.

I decided I wanted more from photography, something I could do more often and I began more topside photography, landscapes, nature and soon it was birds. I purchased my F100 and some years later I got my first DSLR a Nikon D100 and that really gave me another push to the next level. I am now using a Nikon Z9, Z8 as well as and assorted Nikon lenses up to and including the Z400TC and Z800pf and I am a Nikon Professional Services member.