Listed below is equipment that I use. As you can see it is Nikon equipment. When I first started I got into Underwater Photography and most housings I saw were for Nikon Cameras, this is now changing since Canon and Sony is excellent equipment and very popular. Whichever you use just learn it well and it will make little difference which brand it is! It is fun to argue though! :)

I use a tripod at times because I use big glass in Avian photography. The tripod recommended to me was a Gitzo 1548. Expensive but sturdy no matter what lens you may have or ever get! Buy it once and move on to worry about something else. I also use the Really Right Stuff BH-55 Pro Ballhead, however for big glass the Wimberley Head II is unmatched.

I carry my gear in a Think Tank Airport Security when traveling since it fits in the airline overheads, is on wheels and is built to last. A Pelican 1535 Air Carry-On Case is sometimes used for local stuff since it is a hard case, takes a beating and is lined with foam. Lastly in the field my choice is the Think Tank Belt and Harness System.

Lastly, take your time and choose what is right for you! This is where I wound up after years of trial and fine tuning my equiptment. No, I didn't purchase it all at once! :)

LENSES I use the most: